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核心价值5 在台南 , 台湾

Core Value Training (CV5) is about application of the CV tools that you have learned integrating them into your life. 


Special emphasis is on the practical application of the tools in terms of  leadership of self and others in your business. An enlightened path that you can learn within your INNER LEADERSHIP.


Very much a practical class where it is all about applying our new life choices and values and to practice how to live it and be it in real life practical situations.  Like Linda always say, what we know is great knowledge but until we apply them and put into action our commitment to change, nothing happens!


This means application of such learning in your daily operations in the office environment, including how you interface and work with co-workers, direct reports and those to whom you report. Additionally, you will learn how to better deal with your family members and the other significant relationships you have in your immediate environment.


The opportunity to practice applying the new us and who we decided to be in a safe environment and with guidance will raise your confidence and the belief  and trust that it is very real and possible to have such amazing life.




Kev Yeow

Evon Chua

Seeing is believing and nothing can beat  experiencing this possibility by yourself to build the faith that you are on the right path to build a greater life for yourself.


In CV5, your are with all CV graduates and the level of energy, experience and depth of the environment often propel you to your potential that are waiting for that little boost to break ground and bloom.


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