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“When heart and mind connect with spirit and purpose, there is nothing we cannot do.” ~Linda Chandler

That inspiring belief is central to understanding Linda Chandler, the founder and lead instructor for Core Value Training in addition a leading international authority on entrepreneurship, capital formation, sales mastery and values-based leadership. Ms. Chandler is also expert at structuring financial deals and team building. She is the founder of the Core Value Training™ program, that teaches professionals, managers, business owners and individuals about integrity, ethics and principles they can apply to both their business and their personal lives.


One of the highest paid woman financial executives in America, Linda Chandler learned from first-hand experience that the words commitment, values and integrity, can have a very high price tag. Out of her personal struggle, sacrifice and incredible journey, Linda developed the Core Value Training™ program. This defining moment occurred over 25 years ago, at the height of her investment career. During a corporate takeover of some investment portfolios, Linda sensed something was not right. She launched her own investigation and discovered wrong-doing by the so-called “corporate savior”. She warned the investment community, but none of the firms wanted to fight on behalf of the thousands of investors. Linda said to herself: “Someone must demonstrate leadership and step forward. This can’t be only about money. This is about integrity, ethics and saving investors.”


So Linda Chandler led the battle against a corrupt, powerful corporate giant, and it cost her dearly. She lost her own huge, personal wealth, many property holdings and her marriage. Her life was even threatened. In the end, the partnerships she saved were sold for hundreds of millions of dollars and her adversaries were sent to prison. What made starting over from scratch bearable was knowing that she had behaved all along in accordance with her own high values. As the saying goes, that which does not break us makes us stronger, which was certainly true for Linda.


The Core Value process is about teaching you how to build a life and career that is fulfilling, meaningful and empowers you to make a true difference in the world.

Linda Chandler was one of the youngest people (and first woman) to become Vice President of a major U.S. securities firm. She co-founded and served as the CEO of Chandler Roberts Securities, America's first all-women securities firm. Linda later became Senior Vice President of Sutro & Company, the leading investment banking firm on the West Coast (USA). During her groundbreaking career, she personally raised more than $1 Billion USD in investor funds and helped finance companies such as Rolm, Tandem, Apple Computer, Genentech, Intel, AT&T, Jones Intercable, Conner Peripherals, Teradyne, Lockheed, The Limited, Toys 'R Us, Sun Microsystems, Seagate Technology, William Hill Winery, Rancon and Northwestern Resorts.

“Learn fast, fail fast, correct fast, and connect fast.” ~Linda Chandler
Ms. Chandler is also a best-selling author.

Her first book, Winning Strategies For Capital Formation, was published by McGraw-Hill. She is also the author of It's Just a K.I.S.S. Away: A Woman's Guide To Winning The Money Game, from Learning 2000 Press.


“Linda Chandler has funded start-ups that have grown into Fortune 500 firms. Her writing sparkles with originality, substance anad candor. I highly recommend reading Winning Strategies For Capital Formation.”

~Wayne Huizenga, Founder of Waste Management (WMX) and former CEO/Chairman of Blockbuster Video


In addition, Linda has also authored five bestselling audio albums

* Secrets of Raising Serious Money For Your business - Part I: "The Unlimited Potential of Limited Partnerships"

* Secrets of Raising Serious Money For Your Business - Part II: "Advanced Capital Formation Strategies for Fast Growth Companies"

* Sales Magic: "The 7 Principles of Sales Mastery" (Accelerating Your Sales and Partnering With Your Customers)

* Compelling Selling: "Pathways To Sales Mastery"

* Made In America: "Creating Success In Your Business & Personal Life in the 21st Century"


“Knowledge, like energy, expands; it is not weakened when it is expended between people. The force of creation that results is ever increasing in its power, its magnificence, and in its impact.” ~Linda Chandler



As a motivational speaker and workshop leader, Linda Chandler has been called riveting, vibrant and compelling. She delivers keynotes and seminars across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, with a special emphasis on Asia. Over 750,000 people from Fortune 500 senior executives to organizations, universities, associations and individuals have benefited from Linda's speeches and seminar trainings. Chandler is winning standing ovations for her Core Values presentations, and happy participants eagerly return for more with their friends and colleagues.


"I think that everyone should have the chance to experience Linda Chandler. I have been fortunate enough to know Linda for almost 17 years. In that time I have seen her create incredible value in other people's lives through her amazing ability to communicate important, dynamic, often misunderstood concepts - all in a manner that is easily absorbed and retained. Linda is the ultimate communicator! Her life experiences have filled her personal knowledge

base with so many important, and sometimes life changing, pieces of "real world" information which she disseminates via her incredible Core Value seminars. Many people would take this immense knowledge and use it strictly for personal gain. Linda takes it and imbues it into multitudes of students who in-turn use it to turn their lives in a better direction. People can't seem to get enough of what she has to say and how she says it! Her words are powerful, real and bedrock solid with substance that is lacking in most of what is spewed these days by many others who seek to spread their "advice". Anyone who knows Linda's life story will readily tell you that Linda can "Talk the talk" because she has indeed "walked the walk". Linda's name is respected by many people around the world.Not only as a teacher of "Core Values", but also lives her life by them.


-- Robert Gold, Founder Cyberknight Inc. (Phoenix, Arizona)



She began her remarkable oratory career when she addressed the United Nations at the age of 17 as a UN scholarship winner. Called "riveting, vibrant and compelling," Linda's power of oratory grips audiences, touches their hearts and opens their minds to new possibilities. A dynamic presenter overflowing with passion, Linda is a masterful storyteller who shares inspiring examples from her own rich experiences. Her programs are full of substance, insight and high take-home value.


Linda has appeared on numerous radio and television programs across the U.S. and abroad. Her recent keynote address in Shanghai, China at a major international forum was broadcast via satellite to Beijing and fifty other cities in China. Through her writings, speeches and seminars, Linda inspires listeners to discover their purpose, live their dreams and fulfill their destinies.


“Values-based organizations are the most enduring, the most sustainable and consistent, yet they remain flexible. Individuals or organizations that twist and turn with every new idea, every change in the direction of the wind, are like ships without rudders. They end up going round in circles, never quite reaching their goals.” ~Linda Chandler


Linda has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Women Brokers in the U.S. by the Wall Street Transcript and cited in Who's Who in the West, Who's Who of American Women, and Who's Who in Finance and Industry. She is the Managing Partner/CEO of Chandler Partners International Ltd., a global strategic consultancy active in the U.S. as well as the Asia-Pacific region including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei and Thailand.


The firm focuses on assisting companies in developing effective financial and growth strategies to accelerate shareholder value and profitability. Chandler Partners is involved in capital formation, corporate financing, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, venture capital, restructuring, change management, corporate training, IT advisory and strategic consulting.


In addition, Chandler is also CEO/President of Learning 2000, a publishing firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada that specializes in publishing books, CD audio albums, DVDs and new media formats—including streaming video; e-learning courses; and other digital distance learning platforms.


Linda Chandler has a BA and Masters degree from Iowa State University and is a member of Phi Delta Theta Scholastic Honor Society. She began her speaking career at age 17 when she addressed the United Nations as a UN scholarship winner. Linda has been recognized for her accomplishments in Money Magazine, Wall Street Transcript, Registered Representative, Financial Planning Magazine, Success Magazine, Inc. Magazine, Who's Who in the West, Who's Who in Finance & Industry, and Who's Who of American Women.


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