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Course Overview

The Process


Core Value Training consists of ten classes, and each one takes 3 and a half days to complete. While we recommend that most people allow a short interval between classes - anywhere from several weeks to a couple months - some people prefer a more immersive experience and elect to take some classes back-to-back. Only you can know which approach is right for you. These are intense, interactive seminars where you will be asked to do much in-depth self-examination, so do consider whether or not you will want a break in between sessions. For best results, plan to take all ten classes within a year. Linda Chandler offers all ten classes at multiple times and locations throughout the year to make it as easy as possible for you to complete the entire program.





















and move forward into empowering attitudes and behavior. Each full day contains a wide variety of activities, and Linda and her team will keep you involved and motivated with their dynamic presentations, small group exercises and other inventive activities. Linda Chandler is a master storyteller, and she will inspire your self-investigation by sharing her own deeply personal, life-altering experiences. While Linda is a high-energy presenter, you will be delighted to realize that she is absolutely genuine in everything she does, and her authentic caring and personal attention will shine through each class.



Core Values Training can help you to:

• Understand the role your habits play in your destiny
• Learn how to better respond to any kind of challenge
• Express your deepest values in every aspect of your life
• Have a better outcome when dealing with difficult people
• Discover how to overcome the Top 10 Blocks to achieving your goals
• Live in authenticity rather than illusion
• Accelerate your rate of change and grow exponentially
• End all acts of self-sabotage
• Recognize and stop hiding behind self-made masks
• Live your life at the highest possible level of spiritual energy


If you commit to doing your part of the work, you will leave these classes well-equipped to handle whatever life hands you, and more importantly, you will know exactly how to manifest whatever your heart and soul can dream for you.


Our goal is to help you reach your highest potential and create a life and a career where you are expressing yourself from the base of your own core values…a life filled with genuine interactions, a life overflowing with joy and a life that has a positive impact on others. Come join us!


The Experience


Imagine spending three or four days in a completely supportive environment, where you are totally accepted for who you are right now, and where no one judges you for anything in your past or present life. Now imagine that you are joined by other like-minded people who are on a similar journey of self-discovery and growth, and being with others adds joy and camaraderie to the course. Each class usually consists of a nice mix of business professionals, entrepreneurs and individuals seeking to enrich their life experiences. In this comforting, safe place you will be able to open yourself to this life-changing process of uncovering exactly what matters most to you…and you will learn to share your own deep truths with others and find healing in the work that you do.


You will be expertly guided by Linda Chandler and the well-trained Core Values team and put at ease at every turn. This training emphasizes the positive and aims to build you up, not break you down. Along the way there will be lots of fun, many surprises and unexpected opportunities to push past old limiting patterns

“Hi Linda, thank you very much for conducting such a wonderful course. The values learned from these lessons are very similar to those I have learnt or heard before, but you managed to turn knowledge into experience for us and helped our hearts to heal and learn how to heal our own hearts. 


Thank you very much. May we work together to bring humanity and inner peace to many people, and in turn inspire many to come together to spread the goodness and benefit many, many beings. Wishing you all the best and may all be auspicious.” ~ Joshua, CV1, Brunei 2010

Core Value 1


Do you know what really drives your actions—and reactions—to events in your life? If you are like most people, you probably haven’t given much thought to your values and how they impact all facets of your life. The key is uncovering your own deepest values and learning how to utilize them for your greatest benefit—and that is the focus of this first of the ten Core Value classes.

You will learn that:


  • Habits are commanders of your Destiny

  • Focus is your greatest asset

  • Pain is part of life and living, and suffering is optional

  • Anger can always be deflected or transformed

  • Your words have tremendous impact and you need to be mindful of how you use them

  • Situations are not about how you react; instead they are about being self-aware of the value you are being asked to use

  • When you are expressing your best Self, you will attract people who are more beneficial to your life

  • People are more important than the information; you can connect yourself with any one

  • When you see who you can become and truly believe it, you become all you are capable of being.


Once you have determined what your deep, personal core values are, you will learn how to synchronize your life with them, so that you are always acting and speaking from your truth. Others will recognize this shift and respond to you in a more positive way.


All of your interpersonal relationships will be improved as you understand better ways to deal with your own anger—as well as anger directed at you. In addition, you will realize how to experience the most challenging people in your life as your best teachers. You will also find out how to monitor your thoughts and words and stop perpetuating negative emotions and self-talk.

“Dear Linda, During CV2, you have taught us a lot about knowledge and energy. Through your life story, you’ve helped me to open up my heart and to be more present.


Your rich life experience is like a torch on my life. You have given me the courage to find the defining moments of my life. Your selfless giving has helped me found my true authentic self. Thank you for creating Core Value.”


~ Li Ning, CV2, Shenzhen, China 2010

Core Value 2


How often do you laugh each day? The majority of the world’s population is spiritually and emotionally depressed. Of course, there are always circumstances to moan about. Yet it is possible to live your life from such a place of deep integrity and congruity with your core values that joy is your pervasive emotion—regardless of what challenges life tosses in your path. Exactly how to do that is the focus of the second of the ten Core Value classes.


You will learn that:

• Living in the present moment is essential• Material success without inner peace is living an illusion

• Low self-esteem can be analyzed and overcome

• Too much comfort undercuts your success

• Avoiding meaningful conflict is bad for your health

• You need to dwell in the opposite of fear

• External expectations can be shifted into action-inspiring intentions

• Changing one detrimental behavior can unlock change for everything you want to improve

• Other people can help increase your rate of personal growth

• Color is a powerful tool and language that can help you transform your energy to the highest level of thought and action

• Self-sabotage can be stopped and the impulse reversed into a positive force


Learning how to live a truly joy-filled life is the greatest gift you can give yourself (or others, for that matter…consider bringing colleagues and family members to these life-altering classes). As the Core Value Training progresses, you will be going deeper and deeper within yourself to find out who you really are.


Besides, as you will discover in this class, relationships are one of the two biggest factors in your environment, and surrounding yourself with high-vibrational people can make a world of difference in your own accomplishments and, of course, in the level of joy and inner peace you are able to attain. Understanding exactly how you have stood in your own way in the past will clear the road for you to reach your goals.

“Dear Linda, Thank you for bringing me into the CV family. The changes that CV has brought to my life feel like a dream to me. Awareness has helped my life become more colorful and rich, connection has brought harmony within my family, being present helped me experience the wonderful feelings that I have neglected before.


The color work and energy work have become my daily tools. Making no assumptions, no judgments and realizing our illusions have become the most powerful and impeccable words.


Of course, saying ‘Today is the best day of my life!’ has changed my life each day. Thank you Linda, CV has changed my life and work. On the learning path of CV, I have opened up myself and discovered my true love!” ~ Kevin Chen Weikai, CV3, Shenzhen, China 2010

Core Value 3


Do you remember how you saw the world when you were 3 or 4 years old?

Probably not, but you may have observed children of that age and noticed their inborn openness, playfulness and creative outlook. We are all born that way, but then life experiences drain and distort our true nature, until as adults, we are unrecognizable from the fearless, accepting children we once were. These distortions are actually illusions that we ignore by wearing masks. Dissecting these illusions and returning to our true selves is the focus of the third of the ten Core Value classes.


You will learn that:

• Living behind a mask takes you out of your power• Masks come in many forms, but they can all be removed

• When you live under an illusion, your values will be distorted

• Fear is the number one dream killer—but it can be stamped out

• Identifying which values are beneath past critical choices can lead to breakthroughs

• It is possible for you to totally transform any aspect of yourself you desire

• There is also a way you can change the world

• Money isn’t really a challenge

• The environment you create is the most important step

• Experiencing and remaining in negativity is always your choice

• Your responses control all your outcomes

• You can shift your own energy in an instant—and see its effect

• Courage is the first stepping stone to pure consciousness and enlightenment

• Every day can be the best day of your life—imagine that!


People who progress through this class are simply never the same. They have radically more control over their emotions and energy levels and are finally able to manage them for their own highest good.


As the classes move forward, you will be studying more advanced techniques of self-examination and evolution, and if you commit to continuing to this point, you can expect even greater leaps of self-awareness and insight. Imagine the thrill of recovering lost abilities from your childhood, qualities you will treasure for the rest of your life—aspects of your Highest Self that have lain dormant behind adult illusions. One of the special joys of this third class is realizing how being in nature can impact your healing journey.


“Dear Linda, Thank you for starting the CV journey. Under your guidance, my life went through tremendous changes, and I have begun a brand new page in my life, wherein there are many first-time experiences.


Negative things have reduced greatly and there a lot more positive things now. I got to know myself better, the self whom I have been with for all these years. Through better understanding of who I am, I know what I am committed to, how to manifest it and the meaning of courage and trust in my life. Thank you for these gifts that you’ve given me.”


~Andy, CV4, Kuching, Malaysia 2009

Core Value 4


Do you really know how others perceive you and what impact you are having on the world? Are you making the kind of impression that you would like to make? You are not defined by what you do, but rather by what your core values are and how you express those in your life. Understanding how to live to your fullest potential and in accordance with your true values is the focus of the fourth of the ten Core Value classes


You will learn that:

• Your most powerful tool to deal with challenges resides within you

• The people nearest to us need to display certain characteristics

• Thinking less is a good thing

• There are three ways to deal with low-energy people

• You can choose to do less and be more

• There is value in being wild and crazy sometimes

• There are easy tricks to identify people who will bring high positive value into your life

• Decisions are adventures, that choice is empowering• Intentions are powerful and set emotions in motion

• Hope is a weak state of mind, but it’s easy to shift up to a better, more productive one

• You are entitled to take charge of your own life


Completing the Core Values Training is an accomplishment you can be very proud of, and one that will give you all the tools you need to manifest a remarkable, fulfilling life. The average person has 60,000 thoughts per day. How many of yours are negative or don’t produce the results you would like?


Learning to master your own mental and emotional processes is the path to living your life at the highest possible level. In this fourth class, the Core Values team will guide you to create a specific roadmap for the rest of your life, an action plan that you can follow to bring all your dreams into reality. And this is key—you will also learn how to make every choice without any fear of failing.

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