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A SPECIAL THANKS FROM ODA Orphanage @ Cambodia
Dear Kind people,


I want to say thank you to you all for your big big kind hearts for all you do for children here at ODA & at the outlying villages.  All the things you brought with you are so very good for children.  So many things I do not know how to say thank you enough!  Such good and many thing & special educational toys, books, stationery & many other school things & so kind you send good batteries for toys too!  Everything you bring to ODA is so very good for children & they all say thank you too!  Clothes we sort for what can use at ODA & take other to poor village children but so good quality.  I think many new clothes there, children look very smart now.  School uniforms we keep for start of school year so kids have new to start with.


Children & I don’t know how say thank you for money you all give for ODA & Village English Schools.  You so very kind you collect & give to children here.  We will use for food & education & Shirley will send photos when we give out uniforms to children for new school year.  I think maybe trouble here soon so we be very very careful with money so it last a long time.  I hope for Cambodia that not too much trouble for our people & not scare tourist away.  So many people get work from tourism & I hope my children & people are safe.  I think that trouble stay away from Angkor Temples so I think we be safe here.  I hope very much this so anyway.


All children around ODA projects want to say ‘Tom Tom Akun’ (big big thank you) that you care to help them on way to better education & life.  They all so happy to go school & work hard for better life.   


Best regards

Leng Touch for all children

















所有在ODA的孩子们要向你们说'‘Tom Tom Akun’(大大的谢谢)因为你的关怀,帮助了他有着更好的教育和生活。他们都乐意去学校,为了更美好的生活而努力着。



Kuching Autistic Association (KAA)


Core Value Training (CV) have been conducting fundraising auction in most of the class, the intention is to raise fund to Indian "Mother Earth" and this few year CV has expand their donation to many organization, Including Kuching Autistic Association (KAA).


The Kuching Autistic Association (KAA) was formed by a group of parents with autistic children and professionals on 18 January 1988. It was registered as a non-government organization (NGO) on 6 May 1998. The Association runs an Educational and Pre-vocational Training Centre in an old governmental bungalow (‘Banglo Lada’) at Bampfylde Road, Kuching.


On April 29, 2011, Kev and Evon represent Core Value Training to visit them and present a cheque of RM6,500 to the caretaker of the center, Mr Andrew. The donation of RM1,000 were generously contributed by the students of a CV 4 class in March 2011. All of them felt strongly connected with the children who are autistic and decided to lend a helping hand. In the fundraising auction that was held in Kuching, the whole class also purchased a drawing with meaningful messages that was drawn by Natalie (13 year old Graduate student) for the foundation.  This piece of art was also presented to Mr. Andrew along with the cheque.


At the heart and soul of our Core Values Training Program is the belief that each of us needs to give back to our communities however we can. As Linda Chandler travels the globe giving these classes, she makes a special point to involve the students in local outreach activities. Pictured here are Core Values students in Cambodia spending an afternoon in the local village with the simple mission of spreading goodwill and joy. A feast was prepared, children were entertained with songs and balloons and dancing ensued.


Just as Linda walks her talk and gives back to others, she hopes to inspire sharing as a core value in all of us.

Children of Mother Earth (COME)

Over the years, Linda has been especially touched by the needs of children in India, and she 

now supports one orphanage and has begun raising funds for a second one. Children of Mother

Earth (COME) was set up by its founder, a Singaporean engineer Ravi Rai, whose dream was to

create a home for underprivileged children from remote villages and those who were living on

the streets and in railway stations in Uttar Pradesh (Northern India).



Since 2003, Linda Chandler and Core Value Training have been raising funs for the organization. Now there are five centers (two in Gorakhpur, two in Lucknow and one in Delhi). Through these centers, COME provides a caring home, food, clothes, medicine, counseling (for substance  abuse) and functional literacy to more than 1200 children.


This, in turn, helps to keep these children off the streets and reunited with their families.

One of the goals of COME is to enable the children to become part of the wider society and community. This has been achieved, as more than 200 children have made the transition to the mainstream schools or vocational training. COME manages this transition and other issues that sometimes arise including housing runaways, lost and working children who are in need.


Linda Chandler with Ravi (C.O.M.E)

Linda Chandler with Ravi (C.O.M.E)

Linda Chandler, presented a cheque to Ravi (the founder and caretaker of COME). Witnessed by Core Value Graduate students.

Up close and personal

Up close and personal

Linda greets the Children of Mother Earth one by one with love.

Special presentation for COME

Special presentation for COME

Student of Core Value Graduate share their JOY and LOVE to the kids through performance.

Welcome to COME

Welcome to COME

A special performance to welcome Linda Chandler and Core Value Graduate students.

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