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Core Value

Welcome to Core Value Training.


"Core Value Training is leadership training to enhance, accelerate and deepen your understanding and application of life’s energy into your family and relationships, your business and your community. Awakening to your potential to live life more fully and joyously, will create greater wealth, love and meaning in your day to day life."


~ Linda Chandler

It’s no accident you landed on this page—a friend or colleague probably sent you here or told you about the amazing Core Values Training program. On this website you will find information about ten different classes that make up this life-altering training. You can also learn more about the program’s founder, Linda Chandler, and why she is uniquely qualified to show you how to exceed your own limitations and expectations. If you think you may be ready to examine your own life up to this point—and learn how to make the rest of your life and your career more spectacular—then you’ve come to the right place.



Each Core Value Training class is an intense experience lasting several days, from which you will emerge wiser and empowered to make significant changes in your life. If you commit to going through all seven classes, you can expect to radically improve your life and your career options in the process.



Very few people achieve this level of personal attainment. Business professionals of all kinds can benefit from this education, and will find that it improves performance on every level. Entrepreneurs come away newly energized with ideas for their businesses. Because you are here, you have been called upon to consider making this investment in your future. Please explore this site and see if you’re ready to take the important first step toward life mastery.

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