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Hong Kong, and China. Recently, Linda Chandler appeared on Chinese TV (CCTV) on two 30-minute shows on the subjects of Core Values and Entrepreneurial Leadership. The viewing audience for Chandler's programs in China was in excess of 350 million.



“I am so fortunate to have attended CV. I took half a year to attend CV1 to CV4. The changes I have made during this half a year were something I have not had for all these years.Many people were surprised to see my changes. I, too, am really excited. Linda, during this 6 months, I have learned about values such as love, happiness, commitment trust and responsibility.

Although I’ve only ‘known’ them now,I strongly believe that as long as I persist on the path of CV, I will continue to use the tools of CV to help me know my values better and clearer.”

~ Lucien, China


Purpose of this Training


To accelerate the learning and skills for those individuals prepared to take their personal lives and professional careers to a higher level. CoreValue Training will address critical issues confronting us in the 21st Century. Attendees will learn how to ask the right questions and to then find answers and solutions for their challenges.


Our driving mission is:
To enlighten your mind
To empower your vision
To re-animate your spirit

Core Value Training is truly life-altering, affecting not only your business or career, but also every aspect of your personal life. CV graduates report finding a new purpose and direction for their lives, and are energized by knowing they have the tools to reach their goals. If you have ever felt that your life had a higher purpose, or that business should be about so much more than money, then attending a Core Value Training may be right for you. We’d love to have you join us on this journey to a more rewarding life.


Currently, Core Value has students from over sixteen countries, and the program is held regularly in the following places: U.S., Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Brunei, Vietnam,


Learn to be a Change Master. See Different, Be Different. Environment Knowledge is doubling at a dizzy pace. The winners are those capable of expanding time, creating dynamic relationships, and extending their unique qualities in conjunction with like-minded people. This program utilizes experiential training modules and exercises. The style of facilitation is wholistic, non-confrontational and supportive. CoreValue Training creates a safe space for profound inner work, gentle healing, and inspired visualization. We provide the platform for synergy, innovation, leverage and self actualization.


Program Overview


The focus is in-depth personal development work. Inclusive in this experiential learning process will be emphasis on developing interpersonal communication skills, eliminating habits that don’t work, and creating a powerful, personal vision for your own life. Also expect accelerated skill creation and application, deeper self understanding and rediscovering your Core Values that will sustain you on the road ahead. Compelling insights and leading edge distinctions that will result in breakthrough thinking. The main issue: What will it take to get you to reinvent yourself?


Who Should Attend


Business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, professionals and those who want to create consistent, sustainable growth in their personal and professional lives. This program is for those who dare to change their destiny. This is not a casual training where you just sit back and soak it in. You will be involved in co-creating a Future you can only imagine. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.




As Linda Chandler says, “Is your Life about reasons or results?”

The CV Training Team

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