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核心价值C 在台南 , 台湾

Core Value Training C (CVC) opens the door of understanding to how we could shift energy within oneself and in individual experiences in life, which results in increased personal effectiveness and accomplishment.  


It is often the pivotal point of our own transformation because now we are moving beyond awareness and self understanding and into change.  This class give us actual practical tools for us to move to responding to life circumstances from our heighten awareness rather than reaction. 

The key lesson here is Energy Work and once again this is an area of scientific research and study that Linda has undertake for over 20 years.  


The validation of this study through all the CV students about the degree of movement we shift while on the CV journey will be in refutable probably in another ten more year or so of continuos data gathering.


It will help you to understand your energy, here we are referring to our inner energy of how you experience in your emotion and feelings. Giving you a clear insight into your operating style in your life from your experience and adventure. Finally, You are able to understand your own life pattern allowing you to transcend to another level beyond where your worldly conflicts and challenges are created to be better equip to manifest happiness, wealth, health and fulfilling relationship.





Kev Yeow

Evon Chua

You will learn how to rebuild trust with the people you lead, inner peace, focus and love in your life.  

CVC also begin to show you how to become a leader in your business and in your life yet never feeling exhausted, stretched and overwhelmed. Discover how to displays greater influence, confidence and flexibility. 



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