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核心价值A 在台南 , 台湾

Core Value Training A (CVA)  is about Re-discovery and Awareness.  


CVA opens participants up to brand new levels of awareness of self and the world/environment in which they operate in order that they can live daily with a greater sense of self worth, self expression, personal alignment and appreciation of what we have in life.


What is Awareness? Awareness is the internal knowing of own self and tune in what is happening in your life and the energy you attract into your life. With awareness, you make better decision, authentic alignment with  yourself and allowing your thought and feeling leading you to operate in fluidity.


In CVA, you will discover what are the true values you hold deeply within yourself, the invisible force that have led you through the maze of your life. You will discover how to express those values in your daily interaction yourself, people that comes into your life and on your path of pursuing your intentions.


More than ever you will be expose to your higher self of creating Value in the world by the person we have become.




Kev Yeow

Evon Chua

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