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核心价值4 在台南 , 台湾

Core Value Training (CV4) is an integration of all the learnings from the previous three CV classes, with emphasis on energy and understanding of how to effectively use the tools, to live life with greater clarity, power and effectiveness. 


You will be given new technologies that eliminate self-sabotage, victimhood, and defeatist belief system.  In its place, you will build a life of congruency, fulfillment and contribution.  


CV4 reveal to us the secret to all human ultimate quest, to be truly happy and to feel fulfill and purposeful beyond the temporary happiness and pleasure we feel from our material success and status achievement. 


Two major lessons on Trust and Contribution often are the final realization that led us to surrender to all that we knew all along in our heart and soul. propelling us into congruency as we piece together all the tools and awareness that we gathered at every stage of the CV journey. Now, we have a new language of life, one that is base on your core values and universal principles.  Now you are ready to move out of daily fire fighting with life circumstances and challenges, using the universal principles with awareness to choose our thought.  


After all we are what we think and what we think we manifest, now we are empowered to be able to choose how you intend to live your life, now you own you and you control your destiny.






Kev Yeow

Evon Chua

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