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Core Value B in Kuching , Malaysia

Core Value Training B (CVB) is about continuing our journey of deeper awareness and understanding ourself, our life pattern and all that really matters in our life. It is about EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and how to relate in the world of taking people with you in your life journey . 


CVB lead us back to reconnect with our natural self before the onset of societal influence and programming.  The rediscovering of that great person with great potential to live a full and amazing life. 


This part of the CV journey helps you to understand how you developed as a human being, your inherent power to develop a potent way of thinking, creating the harmonic flow in your life.  It open up the opportunity to examine yourself to get to know the real you, "YOUR TRUE SELF" and all that you are and could be as a human being. 


Genuine Success in life is an inside job.


CVB  helps us to understand aspects of characteristic that either hinder or accelerate our personal development and fulfillment at the same time allowing us to experience the joy within our lives and have a new sense of appreciation of how to create more joy out of our "daily grind".


Event Coordinator



Kev Yeow

Evon Chua

The most powerful session in this part of your CV journey is by far the powerful COLOUR WORK that Linda personally have studied and applied for over 25 years. Everything is energy and you will be amazed how the color work revel the exactness of how we live our life and how we react and response to life circumstance and people in our lives.


If we use this tool in our everyday life, it can reduce conflict, anxiety, and fear and most importantly taking us toward success in all aspect of our lives, business, career, relationship, growth and real abundance. 


Understand  how to be EMPOWERED.

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